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Vernacular geology (with Maroš Krivý)

This project is a methodological experiment that re-thinks geology as a practice that is archaeological and aesthetical. It gathers a heterogeneous collection of rocks, sediments, things as much as texts and histories. Situating our interest in geological materials in proximity to what Fredric Jameson described as geopolitical aesthetics, vernacular geology taps into geological knowledge, but it also explores the sedimentation of knowledge itself. The project was exhibited at The Baltic Pavilion in Venice (2016), OperatiivArhiiv in Disaini Ja Arhitektuurigalerii, Tallinn (2017) and the Baltic Material Assemblies in AA gallery, London (2018).

rock rock rock installation view The installation layout for the Baltic Material Assemblies (2018).

Imaginaries and data-politics of air (with Hanna Husberg)

Working with a visual artist Hanna Husberg, we have been exploring the material imaginaries of air, with a particular interest in the PM 2.5 particulate pollution. Our collaboration was supported by The SeedBox - Environmental Collaboratory from Linköping University. We presented our ongoing research on the technoscientic imaginaries of air at the Architectures, Natures, Data conference and during the discussion panel that accompanied Hanna's exhibition at the Institute for Provocation, Beijing.

Also, we are teaching a studio on Urban Ethnography for Urban Studies program at the Estonian Academy of Arts, where we explore urban ecologies through a mixture of art, science and ethnographic practices.

Bioarctica residency PM 2.5 data map From our field works: winter research in Kilpisjärvi Bioart residency (left) and a data map of PM 2.5 pollution from Beijing (right).

Orbital technosphere - (with Johan Gärdebo and others)

In response to the Anthropocene campus, at HKW Berlin, this collaboration asked questions about the material politics of satellites and their debris, thus extending the Anthropocene discussion to the planetary orbit. Some of our conclusions are here and also in the Anthropocene Review.

Satellite collide Orbital Technosphere. Image Courtesy of Stratagrids (2016).


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